10 tips to work out better and faster

10 tips to work out better and faster

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Doing all the workouts in the spreadsheet at the time determined by the instructor and without any difficulty or interruption is essential to achieve the results you want with the practice of weight training. However, as you may have already seen, this is practically impossible due to several factors. One day, you are late to arrive or you have to run out of the gym, the next, the one or that “chatterbox”, who loves to talk while training, does not stop talking about it, or, you have to take the device with someone. Not to mention when you have to replace the water in the squeeze or are learning a new workout, and do everything slowly. In order to help you avoid or circumvent these little pitfalls, we present 10 suggestions for you to adapt to your training routine and get closer to your goals! Check it out below and get started today!


1.  Save your time . Make it a habit to time the interval between sets, so as not to exceed it, use your squeeze, so you don’t have to travel to the water fountain all the time, and pay attention to the teacher’s guidelines, especially when starting a new workout, so you don’t have to refer to it after each new exercise.

2. Change the stimuli . Are you looking to gain muscle mass and what to innovate in your training? Bet on the Supersets or Grouped Training method, which consists of performing up to three different exercises for the same group or for opposing muscle groups (such as biceps and triceps), in sequence and without rest between sets. This “workout” will also automatically make you spend less time! But if you still prefer the conventional model of hypertrophic training, continue alternating or not the regions worked and rest for 30 to 60 seconds between sections.

3. Control the intensity . Sometimes, unintentionally (or not), we leave the training sheet and disregard those prescriptions, which are not there for nothing, and determine the intensity of the activity. The amount of cargo used is one of the most sabotaged. Often, we move weights above our capacity and lose strength to complete the expected number of repetitions. Take care not to neglect this sequence of series, and thereby affect the performance of your training!

4. Sometimes you need to rest . Do you want to do as many exercises as possible in a single workout? Invest in circuit training or with active pause, which eliminates traditional rest, and breaks, keeps your heart rate high at all times. But beware of the intensity of the active pause! If too high, it can compromise the effects of weight training or further increase the caloric expenditure of the activity. A trap for anyone who wants to gain muscle or maintain weight.

5. Do fewer repetitions . If your goal is not the endurance of a triathlete, decrease the number of sets and repetitions and adjust the intensity, either by increasing the load or by reducing the interval between sets. You will save time and move more load, further improving the use of training.

6. Prioritize large muscle groups . Essentially include in your spreadsheet: leg press, squat and forward, for lower limbs; bench press, pulley (front, front, back) and paddles for upper limbs. These are exercises that allow you to work a large part of your muscles, with a greater expenditure of energy and use of time.

7. “Start the machines” . Does your workout have many exercises and end up lasting longer than expected? Relieve yourself with free weights and give preference to the devices, which in addition to offering more comfort, save assembly work. But remember to compensate for coordination and balance, worked more intensively with lifting bars and washers.

8. Do not extend the workout . In addition to taking more time than necessary, research shows that very extensive strength training, starting at 1 hour, causes the body to release cortisol, also known as stress hormone , into the bloodstream , because it has a catabolic action, that is , degrade muscle tissue.

9. Periodization is everything . Despite “uniting the useful with the pleasant”, exchanging arm training for the Box class or the leg class for the spinning class, or football, more in the case of men, is not good. In addition to not working the musculature deeply, this habit deprives the muscle of adequate rest for the stimulus it received. After all, if these modalities were to replace weight training, their respective practitioners would not need the activity, would they? So calm down and do one thing at a time!

10. Work the muscle groups at once . To work more muscles and make the workout pay off, the best option is to prioritize the main groups and their assistants, such as back and shoulder, chest and triceps and glutes and abductors, for example, in the same session. In this way, they will also rest together until the next series, reducing the chances of overload and fatigue, due to the uninterrupted stimulus, which also hinder, and greatly, the performance.