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The desire to be beautiful, to lose weight and have a small waist is what almost every girl would like to go to the gym to practice in a short time. However, the conquest of your physique will become more difficult because of these 10 misconceptions.

Abdominal exercise absolutely does not reduce belly fat

From the experience of professional training (PT) of CFYC, almost all women come to the gym to focus on exercises on the hip and abdomen. This is a good idea but it is not true because the belly is the place to accumulate the most excess fat and in fact there is no standard exercise that will melt belly fat right away. Therefore, it is necessary to combine many exercises, many muscle groups such as push, squat and dead lift to see the effect.

According to the research results, the nature of women tends to be easier to fat than men due to sedentary as well as the proportion of fat in the muscle groups from 23% – 26%. In comparison, the rate in men is lower, only at 15% – 18%.

Running more does not mean losing weight

It is inevitable that the longer you exercise, the more calories are burned. But please note that the weight and physicality of each person is different so it will be different when running at the same pace, at the same time but the calories burned are definitely not the same.

If you are a beginner, in order to have the optimal training path, the first thing you need to know is the body’s indicators. This helps you understand yourself and easily select the most appropriate exercises. Currently, all California Fitness & Yoga (CFYC) gyms are equipped with state-of-the-art training aids along with gauges, separating body mass index and body fat. You can go to any of the CFYC centers to get a checkup and get free advice.

Jogging only helps strengthen the respiratory system

The sweat you exert during your running is actually dehydration, not fat loss. Meanwhile, losing fat is the factor that helps your body look good, so you have to practice other exercises to burn fat muscles better. Remember, jogging does not have much effect on fat burning, which is considered as a cardio exercise that helps strengthen the respiratory system.

Although this discipline is not an enemy to kill fat, it is really necessary to ensure the body has a good respiratory system to carry out the heavy exercises. So, the helpful advice is to set aside about 2 sessions a week, each running from 30 minutes to 1 hour for jogging.

Do you exercise a lot, do you have big muscles?

Many women are reluctant to choose other sports instead of going to the gym because of fear of the muscles in their arms and legs, which make the body rough and ugly. This is not true, in fact, in men with 30 times higher levels of testosterone than women, it is normal for muscles to grow fast.

Therefore, in fat people mainly only fat and water is more, when exercising, the excess fat will be burned gradually to the body becomes firmer, more lean.

Mistakes when thinking of gym is not obese

This view has no basis because in addition to exercise, the diet, the daily work environment also affects the body. If the amount of calories absorbed into the body than the daily active calories, surely weight gain is inevitable.

Note that: going to the gym will not mean becoming fat, but stopping exercising, it is normal for your muscles to not develop or even atrophy. Therefore, if you are too busy, do not have time to go to the gym, you should also arrange basic exercises at home to keep your body always toned.

Practicing for 90 minutes is enough

Many people think that the longer the practice time, the better. But if you think about it, a lot of time you spend in the gym chatting with people or surfing Facebook. This will reduce your productivity, which will eventually lead to bad habits that are hard to quit. The best way is to focus on practicing for 1 hour instead of spending 2 – 3 hours per session at the gym.

In case you seriously practice for a long time, it should only be a maximum of 90 minutes because according to research this is the most optimal time. Because after this time, the muscles will run out of energy, if you try to continue the risk will fall into a state of failure. Moreover, at this time the spirit of practice is not as high as the original, although trying to achieve it will not achieve additional results. That’s it, keep it balanced and stop for 90 minutes.

How to exercise the buttocks and thighs to be slim

Many women are afraid to wear short skirts because they will show the lower part. The fact that your big calves and thighs are partly genetic, partly due to eating as well as wearing high heels makes your thighs bigger. Therefore, many girls tend to go to the gym to slim their thighs but do not follow the diet and practice seriously. As a result, this transition is very long and slow.

In terms of nutrition, you should avoid foods that are low in sugar, sweets, stimulants, carbonated water, grease, salty foods, canned foods instead you should increase the Green vegetables, a variety of nuts, lean meats and fruits are naturally beneficial to health.

Currently, you should focus on squat exercises to improve the lower part but still have to distribute the exercises evenly to the muscles to have a good body shape.

Exercise in the afternoon to achieve high efficiency

Which time frame is best? In the morning, the body is still sleepy after a long night, the muscles are still hard and now is not really the time to practice, if the exercises should be cardio, strengthening exercises for the heart. The best time frame for the most effective muscle areas is from 16h – 20h because after one day of operation, the joints, muscles are warmed, flexible and faster, so this time helps The training is most effective.

Exercise makes your chest smaller!

This view is not true, training will reduce the amount of fat in the back and will reduce the amount of fat in the waist a little bit but firm the muscles around the chest area, so your breasts are not but not smaller but also become more toned.

In the case of women after 35 years of age, the first round tends to sag because of birth, so the gym is extremely necessary.

Take short breaks only between exercises

The principle to grasp during practice is to rest only between 30 seconds – 1 minute for light exercises and 1-2 minutes for heavy exercises. If rested too long, the muscles will cool down until training is required to warm up the muscles.

Note that it is necessary to warm up before starting the training session if you do not want to meet the leg or muscle groups are not working at full capacity.

Does the gym girl have big limbs?

“Normally my legs are big, but this time I want to exercise well so my husband invited me to do Gym. The practice is very comfortable, I’m happy but I’m just worried that it will be bigger than my legs. Does anyone know, have experience to show me

This is probably the most common question of women  and obstacles when they want to come to Gym.

Answer: No, you guys, the increase in muscle mass depends on the male hormone testosterone while this hormone in the female body is very small.

Gym room

Photo: Gym for women body to be toned and slim

Is gym too heavy for women?

Ladies should know that the Gym has a very diverse and rich amount of exercises with many different types of equipment, not just gym, but only lifting weights but you still think. Nobody forces you to lift weights, push the iron like the eldest son, instead it is softer, more flexible exercises suitable for the physical and physique of women.

Gym for women is the exercise, including many different exercises, very simple, easy to remember, to help you have a firmer body, and more beautiful.

A great thing when you go to the gym , the best thing about it is that you can control your body to develop as you want (Provided that you have to follow its principles).

Is a female gym good?

Gym room

Of course it’s good! Exercise or any type of sport will bring health benefits. Especially when women work out, they will get a more accurate 3-round measurement, the body becomes more toned thanks to reducing the amount of excess fat in the body, especially enhancing resistance against virus bacteria in the environment. live around for better health.

Moreover, when women work out with appropriate exercises will stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin, two important factors to maintain bright, healthy skin to help smooth skin limit The appearance of wrinkles and exercise helps the body fight against aging by releasing stress, fatigue, stress caused by work pressure thereby prolonging youth for women.

In short, female gym will be healthier and more sexy. Exercise helps people cause weight gain, fat people reduce excess fat, balanced people help the body develop steadily and more beautiful.