Off By Fitness Geek
  1. Exercise in the morning

Start your day with a workout. Excuses that you are tired after a hard day’s work or do not have time to get into the gym due to evening traffic jams will immediately lose their meaning.

  1. Better less, but better

A short and intense workout is always better than a long one, during which you become so tired that you will force yourself to do the next exercise. It will not bring to good, and at some point you just quit fitness.

  1. Combine training

Combine cardio training with strength training. A 30-minute complex will take less time and will be more effective.

  1. Add break as a mini-workout

Even watching TV can be helpful. During the next advertisement, instead of running to the refrigerator for a sandwich, do a few repetitions of an exercise.

  1. Do lying exercises

It’s no secret that all lazy people like to lie on the couch. Combine business with pleasure: find exercises that can be done lying on the floor or even in the morning in bed, only by opening your eyes. Moreover, we have already found them for you.

  1. Get ready for a workout in the evening

Prepare the bag in advance. The next day, you don’t have to rush around the apartment before leaving the house, remembering where the sneakers and uniform are. You definitely will not be late for training, and the risk of forgetting something necessary will approach zero.

  1. Get involved with friends

For better motivation, you can train together: two are always more fun than one, so buy a gym membership with your best friend. Now there will always be a person who will remind you that today is training. Yes, and to abandon classes will be more difficult, because hardly anyone wants to look like a weakling in the eyes of his comrade!

  1. Walk more

Do not use public transport or drive if you can get to the right place on foot or by bicycle. Take a walk in the fresh air and get rid of extra calories – what could be better?

  1. Have a snack before training

Never exercise on an empty stomach. There are a huge number of recipes for light and healthy dishes that you can eat before training. This will give you strength and energy.

  1. Do not rush

Calculate your own strengths. Do not immediately take on serious weights and do a lot of repetitions. Start small and gradually increase the load.

  1. Train not only in the gym

Try playing sports in everyday life. Rise on your toes when standing in line or do small exercises while brushing your teeth. Try to take advantage of health from any everyday situation.

  1. Turn your workout into a habit

Try to work out every week on the same days. Over time, training will become a habit and will become as enjoyable as watching a new movie in a movie theater.


  1. Drink more water

On a day, a person should drink at least two liters of water (namely pure water, and not tea, juice or other liquids). The more you drink, the better your fat will be burned during exercise.

  1. Train for 10 minutes

The excuses that you don’t have time for the gym no longer work. There are a huge number of 10-minute workouts for which there is always time. Believe me, they are also effective.

  1. Caffeine to the rescue

You fall asleep all day on the go and because of this you decided not to go to the gym in the evening? Better brew a cup of coffee or green tea – it will instantly help you to cheer up and add strength to your workout.

  1. Encourage yourself

Every lazy person should have an incentive. Allow yourself to eat a small piece of cake (SMALL PIECE) after a good workout, or go to the club on weekends with friends if you don’t miss a week of classes. The higher you set goals, the steeper the reward should be (SMALL PIECE VERY TASTY CAKE).

  1. Work with small weights

Some cardio workouts to get rid of excess weight will not work. Without strength training, the desired result will have to wait much longer. If you are afraid to immediately approach the simulator, then start small. For example, with tiny dumbbells weighing 0.5 kg (for girls) or 2 kg (for boys).

  1. Update feeds in social networks

Sign up for accounts of famous athletes and fitness models. Photos in the tape will constantly remind you that there is no limit to perfection and you have something to strive for.

  1. Find a mentor

Motivating photos in the Instagram feed is, of course, cool, but it’s better to find such a person in your gym. Sign up for a personal trainer or an ideal fitness instructor who will set an example for you and turn a trip to the gym from a boring routine into your favorite pastime.

  1. Get enough sleep

For a full recovery of the body, you need 7-9 hours of healthy sleep every night. An excellent argument for those who can’t get up on the alarm clock and like to lie extra half an hour under the covers.