6 Tips for not giving up working out at the gym

6 Tips for not giving up working out at the gym

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We know that lack of time and indisposition are enemies of physical exercise . These two are the biggest excuses that people give for missing out at the gym, some don’t even start working out because they think they don’t have enough time for a workout, or that the morning sleep won’t let them get up and work out.

Sometimes it is normal to feel tired and unwell to go to the gym, so we have prepared some tips that will help you get organized and not give up working out.

Find an activity you like

If weight training doesn’t appeal to you very much, you can choose one of the many modalities that gyms offer. If you prefer more dynamic and lively training, you can opt for group classes such as: dance, spinning, pilates, water aerobics, among others.

If you like martial arts, they provide several benefits to health and body development, help you to become more disciplined and you will learn to overcome yourself. There are several martial arts options, such as: capoeira, boxing, muay thai, karate, etc.

Set your gym hours

To have results in the gym you need to have regularity, and it is not only on the scheduled days of training, it is also important to keep schedules. Set your days and times according to your availability and keep the frequency.

For example, if you have defined that your workout time at the gym is at 7 am, and on a beautiful day you wake up and decide that you will continue in bed and leave to go at 7 pm, however, there are several unforeseen events during the day making it impossible for you to work out at this time.

So having a regularity is important. Set the best time to do your exercises and don’t change your focus.

If you’re starting now, be patient

For many people when they start exercising, it is normal for them to be excited about the new routine, however, it is important to respect the limits and start slowly.

This is because your body will feel pain after the first workouts, which are common, however, by doing a less intense exercise , you will have less pain and will be able to work out the next day.

It is common when you start with a high intensity workout that you can’t even move without pain in the following days, which ends up discouraging you from the gym. Therefore, it is essential that you start slowly and progress gradually. Remember that you will evolve a lot over time and there is no reason to accelerate this process.

Set goals and objectives

Setting goals in any area of ​​life always motivates us to achieve our goals. In the gym, it is a great tactic to not give up working out and increase your results.

Set a goal of how many workouts you will do weekly, if it is 5 days a week, go the 5 days and do not miss. A good tactic to motivate you even more to reach the goal is to reward yourself with something you like, preferably making it enjoyable.

Also set your goals for results in the gym. Before you start training, analyze your current state and where you want to go in the medium and long term. Write down what you need to do to achieve that goal and what the reward will be when you get it. That way, you will stay motivated and not lose focus on the goal.

Record your evolution

Make an assessment of your performance, write everything down in a notebook or on your cell phone, take pictures of your body before starting to practice and compare it during the training, with grades from 0 to 10. This will help not only see your results, but it will motivate you to go further in the next month.

Share your achievements with friends

As good as reaching a goal is to share with those people who supported you most in the search. Show them photos, measurements and everything you did for them, and not only that, invite them to work out and set new goals and achieve them.

Your achievement is sure to motivate your friends to start doing the same. With this, you will serve as an example to achieve your goals.

To not give up on the gym it takes a lot of willpower and determination. By putting it all into practice on a regular basis, with well thought out planning, goals and objectives, you will get everything you want.

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