7 Good Morning Exercises

7 Good Morning Exercises

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Exercise is a great way of maintaining the body’s strength and self-esteem. Many studies have proven the benefits of regular exercise to our overall health, specifically our heart and blood (cardiovascular), lungs, and our bones and muscles.

And to further improve the impact of exercise on health, experts recommend doing so in the morning. According to one stroke, exercise in the morning helps keep your blood pressure normal and thus helps you to avoid heart problems.

In this regard, here are some simple exercises that are great to do every morning:

1. Walking or running.

Simple walking or jogging or jogging in the morning is good for heart health. Do this for at least an hour in the morning in the parks where there is fresh breeze.

2. Push up.

Push-up exercises are also simple. This can be done anywhere as long as there is a wide floor that can be practiced. Do this over and over again with the right breath — inhale when lowering the body, and exhale when lifting the body. This will help strengthen the muscles in the arm, shoulder, and chest.

3. Leg squats.

Leg squats are also an easy exercise that strengthens the thighs, legs, and hips. It is necessary only to lower and lift the body by flexing the knee, up and down. This is done 12 to 15 times.

4. Lunges.

Lunges are also a simple exercise that can be done anywhere. Here, one leg is flexed significantly while leaning forward (leaning forward). The position is maintained for a few seconds then the other leg is replaced. This is repeated for 12 to 15, or as desired.

5. Jumping jack.

Jumping jack is usually used as a warm-up exercise. Here it jumps upwards as the thighs open and the hands reach forward as they lift. It helps the thigh muscles as well as the shoulder.

6. Bicep curls.

Another simple exercise is to lift the dumbells. This can be done while sitting and watching the morning news. It helps strengthen the muscle in the arm or biceps.

7. Meditation.

In addition to physical exercises, meditation or mental exercise can also be done in the morning. It helps alert the mind to events around.