Diet mode: How to have the perfect attitude to face it?

Diet mode: How to have the perfect attitude to face it?

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Light clothing season is coming and you want to get rid of those extra pounds . You look for those diets that you started thousands of times, you borrow from your friends those magic recipes that allowed them to lose 15 kilos in a month and you feel super motivated to start … but how can you make sure that this time you will keep it? How not to derail or lower your arms? Many times the attitude is worth more than the diet itself.

Marilú Acosta , a doctor specializing in health promotion, shares 11 tips to channel your positivity, creativity and ingenuity in order to turn on your “diet mode”:

1. Set realistic goals

You may have to lose two or three kilos or maybe 15 kilos. What you have to know is that if you want to download them in a couple of weeks, you will not succeed. The slower the weight loss, the easier it will be to sustain it. Some suggest losing five kilos and staying at that weight for six months before restarting a diet to lose more weight.

2. Date allowed

Give yourself permission to have two free meals a week. Psychologically, it will be easier for you to continue with the diet and your body will feel better.

3. Make yourself breath notes

At the door of the cupboard, the refrigerator, throughout the kitchen, in the mirror where you get ready, on your closet and any other side you can think of, put notes with phrases of encouragement, such as: “You are doing very well”, “I’m proud of you,” “You’re doing a good job,” “You’re very sexy.” This will keep your commitment and dedication.

4. Count to 10

There are times when I get into a state of anxiety about a craving for chocolate or chips or ice cream. There are studies that show that after 10 minutes, the craving is gone. So before going to fulfill your craving, count 10 minutes, do a small task that you can complete in less than 10 minutes to feel satisfied and get away from the kitchen, the store or any place where there are those cravings.

5. Think positive

Focus your attention on the positive of what you are, have or do. The feeling of low self-esteem causes you to eat more and look for foods with high caloric content.

6. Make weekly resolutions

It is more likely to meet short-term goals than long-term ones. Also, changing them can be fun. Try it on food and exercise, and set a different goal every week.

7. Take a break

Every mistake or “deviation” are steps that bring you closer to your goal. You don’t need to punish yourself for having eaten something out of the plan. Go forward!

8. Focus on 10%

The expression  baby steps  makes a lot of sense. If you focus on 10% of your goal it will be easier to meet that 10% and then move on to the next 10% block, so you will always have the satisfaction of meeting your goals and 100% of what you have to achieve will not overwhelm you, especially if there are several kilos you want to lose.

9. Enjoy the food

Take the time to eat each bite, enjoy its flavors and chew it until almost porridge. This helps to make your body aware that it is being fed and nourishes all sensations. In this way, you eat less and hunger anxiety is eliminated.

10. Use your creatively

Eat frozen fruit as a snack or dessert, drink water before you start eating so that your stomach feels “full”, make juices or smoothies of fruits and vegetables, etc.

11. Relax!

Stress generates a hormone called cortisol and it prevents any weight loss . It is so important that you stay relaxed like dieting or exercising. Sleeping more than six hours also helps the body lose weight.

The most important commitment is with oneself. Therefore, it is important to incorporate small behaviors that, as the days go by, become habits. This way you can start 2016 by adding healthy habits that will help you the rest of the year.