Dubai Fitness Challenge

Dubai Fitness Challenge

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Dubai Fitness Challenge – Over 1 million people take part in the 30 minute 30 day challenge!

Last year I saw many postings from the crown prince of Dubai at his height, HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum , where he performed thirty minutes of exercise daily for thirty days.

Encouragement from the crown prince of Dubai

His Highness HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

This is an impressive idea and I personally like it. As far as I can remember it was a mix and match of activities like walking, jogging, exercising, playing any sport and so on. I want to see the crown prince make it a little more difficult for people this time and increase the duration of time from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

In addition, activities can be combined with many forms such as walk, jog, run, cardio, gym, yoga, kickboxing, playing football, cricket, basketball and more. People can choose three activities for it. Each of the activities you can divide into 15 minutes can be walking, running, jogging for 45 minutes every 15 minutes or walking, running and playing. The combination can vary from person to person according to body type, metabolism, age and so on.

Dubai Fitness Challenge 30 minutes challenge
credit day: Fazza Instagram

Once people have selected the activities they need to maintain a spreadsheet for daily activities . If you keep a record, a daily track will focus more on your purpose. Likewise while undertaking this challenge share some healthy tips people have with food, bedtime, fluid intake and so on. Make sure you have the right plan and execution, which in turn goes to the benefit of the people of Dubai .

Set the goal of becoming a healthy person in Dubai

Plans for this event will be organized properly, I’m sure it will happen. Those with health problems can consult with their individual doctors before starting. Therefore, the same kind of precaution has been taken in the past. Preparation for this event should be done in less than a month and communication with people should go to the people in advance.

Social media plays a very important role in promoting these types of activities so why not use and promote them in the past to get the message out to the average person. Ways to improve can be through beautiful hoardings, small videos, emails, pamphlets and more. Make it all the more manageable. People can challenge each other for activities .

What about start and end dates? It can start at the beginning of the week. Suppose you start on Sunday and finish it on a given day of the week. The reason I was pushing for the start of the week was, it’s a new week, fresh day and people are getting excited.

Dubai Fitness Challenge – Here To Start Your Own Fitness Group!

Start a group: Dubai Fitness Challenge

For any event, if people are rewarded then it can be great. Rewards can be in the form of cash, gift vouchers, healthy subscriptions etc. Spread the message to all organizations be it government or private, any industry they promote from the ground up. If large organizations live in Dubai airport authority, customs and excise will be huge. Spread the word in all major malls and large venues, it urges people to take this initiative seriously.

Get active participation from all communities, across all ages and classes of people. Make it more informative within educational institutions. If possible, add some fun quotes to the event to get people interested. Let the importance be embedded within the people of the older generation group so that they feel motivated to keep feet.

These 30 days will be like a celebration. A celebration of the healthier, healthier society and healthier city of Dubai. The city that works out, stays together they thrive. Make it your goal to be a healthy and prosperous Dubai. Let the whole world know that you are looking for a healthy and stress-free life and people from the rest of the world can learn from the people of Dubai more. The motive is to make people understand the value of stress-free and healthy living. When families come together can challenge one another for it to be good to tell the world, yes we care about each other.

30 day challenge in Dubai Dubai Fitness Challenge 30 minutes challenge
credit day: Fazza Instagram

A celebration of health in Dubai

Let the celebration continue for the next person and something new to continue this story of healthy and healthy Dubai. If you go ahead and look at people who have five steps with you. Let our Lady go in the direction where no one says that for the little things I need to see a doctor. On a shorter note, it’s not good for hospitals but even doctors want people to stay healthy. Even doctors can group and challenge each other, an idea.

So as I write this for Dubai the city away from me is the beautiful city that has never been in my life? Why am I so surprised to find that I love the city so much. I have seen improvement, improvement of everything in Dubai in recent years. There has been a lot of change in all fields and people are asking how they can contribute to the well-being of this city. I would love to write more in the future as I have to look at the city and it is on my card for this year and I can get used to the beautiful city any time in August or September of this year.


By the grace of God this will happen and allow me to contribute more information and help people who need help in any form. With this in mind, I wish people the best for the 30-minute days of the 30-day challenge. I was definitely a part of this event but the only change was my participation from India. In the end, though, getting involved was more important to me than the place. Maybe I could inspire other people with me if it was planned and executed in Dubai.

Article Written by Pranati Mohanty

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