Eight expert tips to make training work out more

Eight expert tips to make training work out more

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Often you train for months on end, but strengthening and gaining muscle mass or weight loss results take time to appear. Often, what is missing is a small adjustment in your series of exercises or in your life habits, in general, as the menu chosen by you. To help you increase your income, we listened to a team of personal trainers. They give tips on what they usually do to get faster and longer lasting results. Check it out below and try to incorporate these practices.

Take care of the food

All professionals interviewed were unanimous regarding the importance of food to increase training results . Personal trainer Ivaldo da Silva Larentis, a specialist in Minha Vida, says that food is a strong ally in training, whether it be to lose weight, gain strength or increase muscle mass. “The follow-up with a nutritionist is ideal, as it greatly improves the results. When there is this follow-up, the response to the training, which would take one year, may appear in two months, for example,” says Ivaldo.

In addition, it is extremely harmful to train on a fast. Eating properly helps to yield more and maintain an adequate intensity during training. But it is also important not to overeat. “Low glycemic index carbohydrates are indicated before training , that is, with little sugar”, explains personal trainer Carlos Henrique da Costa Sapucaia, from Sesc-Belenzinho (SP). In addition to avoiding hypoglycemia, these foods allow a better performance in the first one and a half hours of training. After training , it is recommended to consume proteins and carbohydrates to restore energy.

The hydration is essential. “About 70 to 75% of our muscles are made up of water. So, there is no point in doing everything right and not drinking water before, during and after training”, explains Sapucaia. Water intake should be done several times and in small amounts. Drinking too much water at once can only harm training.

The tip from personal trainer Clóe Celentano, elected personal of the year by SBPT (Brazilian Society of Personal Trainers), is ideal for those who have a busy routine: try to assign different functions to the training. “The ideal is to reconcile strengthening exercises with aerobic exercises, which are largely responsible for weight loss”, he says.

Try to mix your bodybuilding with running, or do bi-set training (performing two consecutive exercises, without rest, for the same muscle group). But the expert’s recommendation is to alternate the muscle groups, alternating the sets with two minutes on the treadmill. “In this way, the heart rate is kept high throughout the training, which makes training an aerobic priority, increasing caloric expenditure and metabolizing reserve fats”, explains Clóe. If you choose to do a traditional weight training workout, try to run after weight training, as this will increase fat metabolism.

Personal trainer Ivaldo indicates a rapid change in training intensity so as not to fall into monotony. That is, every two weeks, the number of repetitions must be increased. “If in the first week of training you do four sets of six, in the second the number of repetitions can be nine, and in the third of twelve. Only then should the load be increased, because the repetitions lead to the correct learning of how to do the movement, preventing injuries when placing more load “, he says.

It is important to exercise according to your preference, so you can more easily maintain regular training. The more varied the better, but be sure to do the type of exercise you like. If there is an exercise that you don’t like or that makes you feel uncomfortable, talk to your teacher to replace it with another that has the same goal.

People who follow healthy habits often experience results faster. Try to sleep better and eat healthier, in addition to exercising. The goals must be gradual, but real. “If you drink alcohol three times a week, start drinking in just one day, on weekends, for example” recommends Givanildo Holanda Matias, director of Test Trainer and specialist Minha Vida . Even with gradual changes, results will be achieved.

Don’t lose focus

Many students start training with a very strong objective, such as losing weight, gaining muscles or gaining breath, but as this process progresses they lose focus because they do not have the habit of exercising or do not have the patience to wait for the results. Therefore, determination is a very important point for those who train. “Anyone who gets carried away by laziness or becomes unmotivated usually spans training, they go to the gym only once or twice a week. This further disrupts the results. It is important to train at least three times a week. But this frequency must be pre-defined by student and teacher together “, explains Adriano Coronato, personal trainer from São Paulo.

To have good results, an individual assessment is important to determine the intensity of physical activity. “It is essential to increase the load, even if you feel the effort. The pain must be tolerable, healthy. Pain is one of the parameters to assess strengthening,” explains physical educator Carlos Henrique da Costa Sapucaia. But it is worth remembering that the student should never increase his load on his own. Always seek guidance from the teacher or personal trainer. In addition, the pain must be muscular, not articular, and last between 48 and 72 hours approximately. A tip from Carlos Henrique is to alternate muscle groups. If on Monday you train your chest, on Tuesday exercise your arms or legs, for example. This gives you time for the muscle to rest.