Off By Fitness Geek

This summer, the emphasis is on small choices that go a long way! I want to challenge each of you to join me in my summer fitness challenge. Exercise often goes out during the summer, but that’s not a reason not to train. Own body weight is a really functional and also effective way to train your body in a versatile way. It also has the benefit of not requiring any tools! You don’t need a gym for this workout, but you can do it while enjoying the outdoors.

The workout consists of three different exercises, each with a fitness level. The idea is to make these three movements in the tube without interruption, if possible. For example, rounds ( series ) can be repeated 3-5 times with short breaks. The amount of kits depends on your fitness level and can be reduced or even increased.

Burbee x 10-15

Squat x 15-20 / foot

Stomachs x 15-20

Repeat these movements 3-5 times. Can you do them without a break? 

Remember to warm up your body for about 10 minutes before your workout. How To Prepare Your Circulatory, Musculoskeletal, And Nervous System For Your Future Workout Without Forgetting Your Most Important Head!

This is a quick workout that puts a lot of strain on your body. The general movement Burbee is the efficient movement of the whole croup. The squat variations are effective for the thighs and buttocks, and of course the crowning is the six-stroke movement everyone desires! The heart rate rises and the fat burns efficiently. The workout is designed so that you can do it almost anywhere – even on the dock . So excuse the corner and maintain that fitness even in the summer! Although the whole family.

However, training is only 20% of the results. Up to 80% of the results are linked to your diet. Summer is a challenging time for many, because then it makes you mind having loose wrists without stress. However, it is worth remembering that what you let yourself in during the summer (or will you?) will be in the autumn. Therefore, I recommend maintaining the condition well in the summer as well, so that there is not a whole field to pow again in the autumn. Small choices, they go far enough. Minifitness_Vaasan_Kuntohaaste

It is especially important for the muscles to get enough protein from their diet. However, it is good to remember that the protein needs carbohydrates to be properly absorbed. Finns love bread and it is also part of their free diet outside the race season. I often enjoy it on weekends in the morning with brunch, or in the evenings after workout. Protein comes from more than meat or egg whites. You can also find that natural protein in your bread!

Vaasa Fitness Protein & Fiber Rye & Oat breads contain protein (15%) and fiber (10%) directly from nature. Delicious seeds and cereal grains are the source of protein for these soft breads. This tastes delicious on a barbecue fire with a turkey slice and vegetables! Oh, that water came to the tongue out of mere thought. Chia seeds, are useful for the stomach, which contain not only protein but also fiber and good fatty acids.

In the summer you can and must feel and enjoy. Ultimately, it is quite simple to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you only want to see the opportunities. Feeling good you know what! Excuses to corner and train with me.