How to make a diet effective: “So I lost 20 kilos”

How to make a diet effective: “So I lost 20 kilos”

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Just take a look at the successful Instagram Katie Dunlop to assume that this star of the ‘ fitness ‘ enjoys a privileged genetics has allowed to maintain a lifestyle comfortable and healthy. At first glance, it is hard to believe that the founder of ‘Love Sweat Fitness’ has had problems with her weight at some point. The reality, however, is quite different. Behind so many dream photos, of ‘foodie’ trends, of ‘smoothies’ and toned abs , lies a story of overcoming and effort that very few could imagine.

Dunlop, now an exercise and nutrition guru, has revealed to ‘ Health ‘ that it took years to change his eating habits, partly because he suffers from hypothyroidism , a disease that slows down the metabolism and that ultimately makes it harder to lose weight . “I have dealt with insecurities for my weight for years, probably since high school. I have always been very concerned about my measurements and my diet. I tried diets and fashion training programs, but I never managed to lose weight. I didn’t feel myself, ”he confessed to the magazine.

Never in my life did I think I would be where I am now: 20 kilos lighter, but above all, more physically and emotionally safer

Whatever was proposed, he could never create a routine around his goals. Two weeks of intense regimen and exercises, and then abruptly, following a kind of yo-yo diet in which efforts came and went, such as cravings in the form of sugars and carbohydrates. The more restrictive a regimen, the more likely it is to end in a caloric failure . Thanks to this sway between hunger and the feast, Dunlop reached its maximum weight after finishing college and it was at that moment when, after a timely conversation with his father, everything began to change: “I learned that it is not only about the number that show the scale or the appearance of my body but to get maintain an emotional state that allowed me to be motivated to take care of myself more. ”

In this way, the today star of social networks changed the focus of his efforts: “As a woman, you grow up thinking of only one thing: weight . It took me quite a while to get it out of my mind. ” He also had a hard time understanding that the results were not going to be visible overnight, as promised by all the diets he had followed in the past. Today, six years later, this vital change has not only greatly improved his health and self-esteem, but has allowed him to create an empire of ‘fitness’ through him, being his “happy” Instagram account the best showcase of all this .

The mentality of the little by little

Upon embarking on this new adventure (that of being a personal trainer and serving as an example to thousands of people on the network), he realized why his old habits could not work. Dunlop used to act as a guinea pig for all miracle diets . They worked, but only for a short period of time: “I lost six kilos. Then I gained nine. ” Therefore, he decided to follow a much less restrictive approach: “Instead of saying ‘I have to lose six kilos and I want to do it in two weeks’, I began to set small goals .” For example, he realized that he was taking too much sugar . Instead of knocking him down, he was eliminating a temptation every week, in the same way, he gradually added more protein (turkey, egg) andHealthy fats (avocado, nuts) to your dishes, which helped you lose more than 20 kilos .

In addition, he soon realized that these dietary changes mitigated the effects of his hypothyroidism, such as headaches or low energy. Other key points are the number of meals (five to six small in size throughout the day) and the preparation of meals . Before, laziness always won him the game, but now he feels motivated to reserve an hour of his weekends to prepare homemade food (for example, roasted vegetables and baked chicken) and freeze it for later.

Exercise, better in classes

The changes in the diet did not come alone. Dunlop began enrolling in several classes. Although it went five to six times a week, not everyone will have so much time available, but we can appropriate the logic that underlies their particular choice. The classes not only forced him to exercise constantly, but the fact of striving surrounded by people in a similar situation made everything much more enjoyable. Under this same premise, he began to post on his social networks the photos of before and after training, which was another reason not to leave. Soon, a community of followers formed around their motivational posts. Among his most outstanding workouts are the HIIT method , weights, running and yoga.

“Never in my life did I think I would be where I am now: 20 kilos lighter, but above all, more physically and emotionally safe, ” says the personal trainer. “The most important thing in this whole process is to change how you look and judge yourself . I went from being that embarrassed person in gym class who constantly wondered if I should wear this or that, to feel motivated to say yes. ”