Revealing the truth when women jog

Revealing the truth when women jog

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Jogging is a sport that is highly valued for its health improvement. Especially for women jogging will help support weight loss, increase fitness, improve skin. But nothing is absolute, jogging will bring good benefits, but it can also be harmful to your health if you do not exercise properly, especially for women. Here are 8 facts when women run that you should pay attention to always have a healthy body, balanced shape when practicing jogging.

The truth is that when women run, there are many issues that need more attention.

1.1 Lose weight more effectively when running at long distances and at low speeds

Yes. When running, women should not run too fast or only run at a short distance. When running, need to maintain a moderate speed, it helps you feel comfortable and prolong your running. The appropriate time for a woman to run in a training group is 30-45 minutes and the time after that is the process of fatty acids being burned.

Women who run to help lose weight keep in shape better.

1.2 Running helps reduce excess body fat

Most women are obsessed with excess body fat. They appear due to sitting too much, not active … And even if you apply a strict diet menu, they will not go away. The only way to overcome this situation is to run. Jogging helps the blood circulation process more conveniently, accelerating the speed of burning fat in the body. Running also stimulates the lymphatic circulation in the lymph vessels. If you run regularly, your body fat will decrease significantly.

Jogging will help remove the ugly excess fat, your body becomes slender, highlighting the eye-catching curves. Instead of being confident, afraid to communicate with others, you have really become beautiful and confident to express yourself. Not only that, weight loss will help eliminate many harmful health effects such as blood pressure, blood fat, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure.

1.3 Do not starve or overeat before running

The best advice for you is to eat chives before running for about 1 hour. Because the process of burning fatty acids takes place and the snacks are considered as catalysts that promote the process more quickly. You can choose to eat a few slices of bread, fruits, bananas, sweet potatoes … If you fast, when you exercise you will not have enough energy to provide or can cause stomach illness. On the contrary, if you overeat it, it will be difficult for you to exercise because your body will be heavier, moreover if running will cause abdominal pain.

Always add enough energy to maintain the best exercise.

1.4 Running is women’s freedom

The time women run is a necessity for themselves after a day at the company, doing housework for the family. It can be said that jogging symbolizes freedom, for those who love and respect the privacy of women themselves. However, most husbands think that women should work for their families outside of work. They believe that it is not advisable for women to beautify and maintain a glamorous physique when married. But for a smart modern woman, they must know how to take care of themselves and beautify themselves. They also need to relieve stress, worries about life, so running time is the time women live for themselves.


1.5 Women who run are less likely to suffer injuries than men

Yes, jogging in women is now more careful and serious, considering it a passion to not compete with anyone. While men are different, they are often more concerned about their own performance as well as compared to others. So sometimes men defy health to run more. In addition, the female body is more flexible than men so the probability of having an injury is smaller.

1.6 When you have your period, jogging does not affect blood loss

In fact, when I was still a girl studying in a school chair, the physical education and sports sessions still took place normally. And running and aerobic activities don’t affect or cause you to lose more blood these days. However, we encourage women these days to exercise gently, jogging will make you more tired and abdominal pain more. This is also the time you can rest after a month of hard work.

1.7 Jogging affects the fetus

As the article above shows that running is the best way to control weight, this is necessary for pregnant women. Running before, during and after pregnancy is good for women and encouraged to exercise properly and more often.

Pregnant women should jog gently.

Pregnant women should jog gently.

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, if your health is weak you can limit or not run. Instead, switch to a light, relaxed walk often because this is good for both mother and baby. But in the second stage, which is the next 3 months, when the health and the fetus are stable, you should continue to run (both for newbies and for those who practiced before becoming pregnant).

Jogging is a fairly gentle exercise that has many benefits for both mom and baby. Many studies have shown that mothers who are better at walking, jogging and exercising are better at developing babies, being more hyperactive and having better physical and mental development. .

Jogging not only helps stabilize the weight but also helps to relax the mind, supple muscles, the immune system is enhanced, increases the body’s resistance to help the mother during childbirth easier, pain tolerance also better. In particular, after the recovery of wounds also heal faster.

But you should pay attention to practice according to the instructions of a specialist, and should regularly monitor the health of yourself. Exercise is very good but do not exercise too much, moderate the exercise to create the best comfort for you every time you exercise.

2. Conclusion

Jogging is a great exercise for your muscles and heart, but exercising is essential for you to improve your motor function as well as improve your health and fitness. For women in each period, there will be different psychological changes, and for women who often go through childbirth, women’s health will decline significantly and especially after the age of 50 (menopause). ) there will be a marked change in women’s health.

It is especially important for women when jogging to choose the right workout method, please refer to jogging knowledge from experienced people, health professionals, specialists to ensure that too. The workout is always safe, maximizing the training in the best way. And a solution that is considered to be quite comfortable, safe and support for good training for women is buying a treadmill to practice at home. You know, the pretty sleek treadmill now supports not only jogging but also heart rate monitoring, you can comfortably work out at home, not having to pay attention to extremely convenient clothes especially with postpartum women.

The truth is that running women  bring a lot of health benefits, which is a sport that is encouraged to exercise regularly. Above are the share of issues related to jogging in women. Jogging is a very good sport for health, the exercise is quite gentle so spend every day 15 – 30 minutes jogging to help the body have the flexibility, prevent the best disease.