Site lists secrets for men to achieve defined body

Site lists secrets for men to achieve defined body

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There is no use complaining. A healed body is conquered with efforts. Exercise, diet and information are on the list made by The Huffington Post, which collected tips from fitness experts in the United States. Check out the best workout effects below:

1) Organize nutrient intake
Fitness consultant Alan Aragon recommends increasing your protein and fat intake and reducing your intake of refined carbohydrates. He says that the traditional food pyramid is not compatible with exercise.

2) Increase your vegetable intake
“Athletes who eat more vegetables are not so easily tired,” said Tony Gentilcore, from the Cressey Performance academy in the United States. The fitness expert recommends beating the spinach blender with two glasses of almond milk, frozen berries, oats, chia and flax seeds and protein powder.


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3) Consume more vitamin D
Research shows a relationship between strong muscles and high levels of vitamin D in men.

4) Split protein consumption
Men who consume more protein divided into six meals during the day, instead of three larger ones, gain muscle more easily, say researchers at Skidmore College.

5) Find the right supplement
Study published in the Journal of Nutrition points out that there is a type of supplement most suitable for each moment of the day. Whey Protein is recommended to be consumed in the morning, as it would help to prevent hunger attacks. The subject can be discussed with the doctor or nutritionist.

6) Exercise all muscle groups
According to data from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, each muscle needs to be moved with 10 to 15 exercise sessions per week to increase in size. This means that a workout done three times a week should cover all muscle groups, with 3 to 5 sets of repetitions.

7) Lift different types of weights
Use more than designed weights to perform the exercises. Look for sandbags, boxing bags or other objects in the gym that can increase your training.

8) Barbell exercises
Lifting your body with the help of a barbell works more muscles than another exercise for the upper part. That’s because it’s done using your own body weight. The ideal is to be able to do 15 in a row. To achieve the goal, MMA trainer Chad Waterbury recommends doing morning and evening movements for three days, with a day of rest, and repeating the training until you reach 15.

9) Do more strength
The classic exercise of lifting dumbbells on a bar can be enhanced by pressing the bar with your hands while extending your arms. In squats, for example, press the floor with the tip of your feet (but without moving them). This will work the gluteal region even more.

10) Flexion of arms
Supporting a hand on the wall, with the fingers turned inwards, keep the body straight, and using the arm with force, bring the trunk close to the wall. The further away you are, the more strength you will make. If you can’t, use something as support.