Teen goes to the rocking chair? Pros and cons of simulator experiments

Teen goes to the rocking chair? Pros and cons of simulator experiments

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Imagine the situation: my son began to disappear after school, periodically shoots money, does not say where and with whom he goes …

Think drugs? Not! These are the symptoms of fitness fever – your baby decided to make an adult man out of himself and went … to the rocking chair! Feel the biceps – growing? Good! However, the pull of iron, like everything else, has a downside. Let’s look at the pros and cons of teenage simulator experiments.

Andrey Dyshlevich, director of the sports nutrition store RusAtlet, will help us in this .

Young people aged 16–18 years experience very rapid growth: bones grow faster than tendons, and muscles grow even faster than bones. But the fragile “new” muscles and bone-ligamentous apparatus are quite vulnerable.

From this it follows that all loads must be very strictly dosed. The main task of young people and their trainers is not to drive the body at a young age.

Indeed, not only does the whole organism grow by leaps and bounds, youthful maximalism still lives in the head: at 16, all visitors to the “rocking chair” want to become Schwarzeneggers in a week. Hence the problems: adolescents take large weights, tear tendons and muscles – and it takes a long time to recover.

What does a good coach look like?

Despite the fact that there are a lot of fitness centers and gyms, a competent trainer is a rarity. How to distinguish “good” from “bad”?

A competent trainer will at least ask a new visitor for a medical certificate stating whether he is allowed to play sports or not. In addition, the trainer must explain to the teenager that bodybuilding is not just rocking iron. To get the result, you have to change your lifestyle.

A good coach should conduct the first few workouts with a young man. Moreover, he is obliged not only to show the technique of exercises, but also to explain how to prepare for classes – how to do a warm-up, warm up the muscles.

As for the technique, the trainer should make sure that the teenager performs the exercises as correctly as possible, and not in the way that suits him. In the best case, with the wrong technique, not those muscles are pumped up (or nothing is pumped up at all), but in the worst case, injuries are possible: dislocations, muscle strains, up to a gap. In addition, it is very important to perform the exercises correctly from the very beginning, as retraining is much more difficult than mastering from scratch.

Well, of course, assessing the ward’s physical condition, the trainer will select the optimal weights and the number of repetitions.

New lifestyle

The result of training is affected not only by hardware and equipment, but also by the whole lifestyle. A young man who is eager to find a new body needs to sleep at least 8 hours a day, it is vital to engage in bad habits (no smoking, no libation), start eating right. The best food style is fractional, 5 times a day at intervals of three hours.

“Sandwiching” 5 times a day is also impossible – you have to keep a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. You should not expect results from eating on the run, because 70–80% of success depends on what the bodybuilder eats.

The principle of nutrition is simple: in the morning we lean on slow carbohydrates – these are all kinds of cereals and pasta. Proteins should enter the body in the afternoon, and the proteins are of animal origin (milk, meat, fish, cottage cheese), since they contain essential amino acids.

And do not strive to “drain all the fat” – to lose weight so that the “cubes” in the press become noticeable. Lack of food and excessive exercise can only lead to the fact that the body is exhausted and exhausted. If you don’t eat, there will be no muscles – this is a proven fact!

Gym and equipment

How to choose a good gym? The recipe is simple: a good coach should work there (and we already talked about him). There are gyms where people go for a party – chat, discuss how the day went. This is nice, but has nothing to do with bodybuilding. If you want to make yourself a new body, look for a room where people work, sweat and, as a result, do not distract you from your goals.

As for equipment, it is also necessary to pay attention to it. In many rooms, people come to practice in slippers. A nightmare! For example, crouching in slippers with a bar, you risk slipping out of a slipper and being crushed by this bar.

However, buying weightlifters – special shoes for powerlifting – also makes no sense. The uniform for sports should initially be a training suit with long pants and long sleeves. Thanks to its long body, it is easier to warm up during a warm-up and to keep warm throughout the workout.

What loads to exclude?

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It is advisable to exclude from the training processes those loads that act along the axis of the spine, for example, squats with large weights. Big weight is the weight of the person himself and more (if a teenager weighs 60 kg, then 60 kg or more is already too much).

Another exercise that should be excluded is the barbell press above the head. Broad shoulders can also be inflated with the help of other exercises: for example, with the help of arms with dumbbells.

Eliminate deadlifts with heavy weight. Many young people will object – they will say nonsense! There are guys who at 16-18 years old do deadlift of 250 kg and squat. But we must understand that everyone has different data and different heredity. I believe that it’s better at a young age to undergrow a couple of centimeters of biceps than to break a heart, tear a tendon or earn a vertebral displacement.

Perfect workout

  •  It’s better to do it at the same time. If a person is a lark, then the first half of the day is suitable, if an owl, then evening.
  • The optimal training duration is 40-60 minutes. If you do more, the effect will be the opposite – the muscles will only be exhausted.
  • Training should be thoughtful, intense, with an equal amount of rest between sets, without distractions for conversations.
  • It’s good to do business with a partner – firstly, a partner can always insure, and secondly, look from the side at the technical correctness of a particular exercise.
  • A person involved in sports should have a good rest: 8–9 hours of sleep is a must.
  • The optimal regularity of classes is 3 times a week. When a person begins to engage, the first 3 months the body only adjusts to the new regime, so do not let your little one into the “rocking chair” 7 times a week.
  • With a targeted set of muscle mass, it’s worth keeping a diary in which you need to describe what exercises you did, with what weights you started, what is the progress. You can also make notes about your well-being and regularly show your diary to a trainer. Then then it will be possible to understand whether the workouts are built correctly.

Sports nutrition

Many parents, at the word “sports nutrition,” faint and shout a decisive “no!” Do not confuse sports nutrition with steroids. Steroids – no! And let’s talk about sports nutrition. Unfortunately, with normal nutrition, especially in a modern city, the body barely has enough nutrients to support life support. And for additional muscle growth, additional protein is required. It can be obtained from protein shakes. Such a cocktail is not an eerie type of anabolic, but just purified protein.

If a person who does not engage in sports needs only 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, then those who are trying to build muscle should be tripled. But just protein is not enough. When playing sports vitamins and minerals, the body consumes 2–3 times more than during normal activities. So do not be afraid of biologically active and mineral supplements – they are needed. Moreover, vitamins and mineral complexes are better to use sports, because just those substances that are spent during sports in large quantities are selected in them.