Training to gain performance in football best for Fitness

Training to gain performance in football best for Fitness

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As much as it is one of the favorite sports of Brazilians, soccer is a very complex anaerobic sport due to physical preparation. To be successful with the ball at your feet, you need to have running speed and agility, in addition to combining characteristics of strength, endurance, flexibility, kicking, jumping and throwing skills.

Therefore, for you to do more targeted training to gain performance in football, it is important to include some specific exercises in your routine to do well in the sport.

The following six exercises are good choices and can be done in groups of up to 30 people.


Do a light trot for approximately 15 minutes around the field and a basic stretch for the legs, arms, shoulders, calf, chest, biceps, triceps, lower back, etc.

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Specific training

Mini Agility Cones

Place eight cones spread across the field, side by side, parallel and in pairs, with a minimum distance of three strides between them. Run around each one, making the zigzag movement. Do three to four sets with 30 repetitions, back and forth.

Agility ladder

It can be practiced as if it were a hopscotch or as a linear displacement (from inside to outside). Do six sets with 10 repetitions.

Jumping barrier

Place the jump barriers in front of each other. Jump between them, with both legs together, with or without a break. Do two to three sets with 10 repetitions.

Racing parachute

Specifically for acceleration training and to gain durability from the maximum final speed, make ten shots of 100 meters tied to the accessory.

Sit-up with roller

Kneel on a mat and hold the roller with both hands. Contract your abdomen and roll forward until your knees are off the floor and your body is parallel to the floor. Hold the position for three seconds before slowly returning to the starting position. Remember to use the strength of the abdomen to do the backward movement, not the hips. Your ankles should not come close to your hips when you are performing the movement. Return to the starting position by bending your knees and perform three sets with 20 repetitions.

Naval Rope

Standing, with knees, hips and torso semi-flexed, hold the ends of the rope with your elbows bent at 90 degrees and your hands tightly closed and with your thumbs facing up. Start the movement by waving the rope, taking your hands up, at shoulder height, and down, at waist level, alternately and successively. Increase speed and range of motion as a way of progression. Another variation of the exercise is to combine movement with jumps. Still in the knee, hips and torso semi-flexion position, alternate the heels with the wave movements. Make the move for as long as you can.